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Shortbread & Biscuits

When it comes to baking our shortbread our philosophy is to make it not the cheapest or the quickest way but the right way.

Made by skilled bakers, we take the time to select and combine the best ingredients for our different flavoured shortbreads. We allow extra time to mix and divide using traditional methods, which keeps the shortbread’s light texture. We hand bake at a lower temperature that gives it an exceptional flavour and satisfying consistency for everyone to enjoy.

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Wee Mini Shortbread

LUXURY Biscuits

Macleans Bakery BISCUITS
Sticky Toffee
Macleans Bakery BISCUITS
Chocolate & Ginger
Macleans Bakery BISCUITS
Rhubarb & Custard
Macleans Bakery BISCUITS
Cherry Bakewell


Over the years, the Maclean family has been very protective of our Traditional Oatcake recipes.

Our recipe has been in the family for over 100 years. My father, Campbell Maclean, said, “the secret is in the type of oatmeal that we use and the extra time we take baking them that gives them such a distinctive texture and flavour”.

macleans bakery oatcakes




At Maclean’s Highland Bakery we have recipes going back over a 100 years, these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation of Maclean’s family bakers.

Over this time many things have changed but there are some things the Maclean family will not change: quality of ingredients, quality of the finished product, and eating quality and flavour. Most of these values are adhered to by not taking short cuts in the baking process. We are proud to say we don’t do things the cheapest way, or even the easiest way, but the RIGHT way. Paying attention to the little things really do produce results in the finished bakery products.

So please try our range of savoury products, bread, rolls, morning goods and cakes and sample for yourself. There are also several award winners from the bakery.

‘Scotland at its Best’.

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